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Selecting a Professional Realtor

If you believe a property will sell for the same price no matter who represents you, a professional, experienced Realtor will forever change your mind. I promise you, not all Realtors achieve the same results. Consider the following: T...

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Why You Should Stage Your Home

According to Realty Enhancement International and Home gain, staged homes under 2400 sq ft sold 18% faster and for 15% more per square foot. Staged homes over 2400 sq ft sold 42% faster and for 10% more per square foot. Think of your home as...

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Purchasing a Home From a Builder

Many buyers are not aware that the friendly representatives at the model home or new construction neighborhood represent the sole interest of the builder, not the buyer. Often, they are not licensed and therefore have not completed the hours of...

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What a Seller Should Expect From Their Agent

Sometimes we REALTORS® forget that most people are not experienced home sellers. There are some homeowners who haven’t been involved in a real estate transaction for 30 years or more. In addition, real estate is often the largest investment ...

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Goldenwood Neighborhoods

Located off FM 1826 just a few miles east of the Salt Lick are three hidden neighborhood gems; Radiance, Goldenwood, and Goldenwood West. Over 100 years ago, Charles Christal exchanged 40 acres at the corner of Guadalupe and 45th for 900 hil...

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Granada Hills Neighborhood

Located south of Oak Hill, just outside the city limits is one of Austin’s best kept secrets. Developed in the 70s, the Granada Hills neighborhood feels like a step back in time where kids are outside all day, running barefoot, catching crayf...

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