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Not all Realtors® achieve the same results and that can be intimidating when you are choosing someone to represent your largest investment. If you take away one thing from visiting my site, please let it be that I am totally invested in your investment. I consider myself a member of my clients’ financial advisory team and my mission is to raise clients’ expectations of Realtors®.

You will get the best advice on how to win in multiple offers without overpaying. You will know if you are about to buy a house that will appreciate at a lower rate because that “greenbelt” behind it is actually unrestricted land. I will wave a red flag if you fall in love with a home that requires an hour commute or requires an expensive remodel that will price you out of the neighborhood. If you are just moving to Austin, I will advise you on the features of various areas.

Together, we will find the home that feels good, not just emotionally but financially. You will have all the best resources at your disposal to help you evaluate a property’s condition and highest and best use. I will also advise you on remodeling, what is a reasonable amount to spend, who are Austin’s best contractors and what updates give you the best return on your investment. You will know before you buy how your property would perform as an investment should you later decide to move and keep it as a rental.

When you are ready to sell, my team of professionals will create a showpiece that reaches and entices multiple buyers and you will fall in love with your home all over again. By eliminating objections and presenting their home at its best, many of my clients have broken the record for highest sold price per square foot in their community.

Buying and selling real estate is an exciting and financially rewarding endeavor when you are working with an experienced professional. I recommend you interview several Realtors, consider their experience, knowledge of the market and the process, strategy, reputation, and most of all, ask for proof of their results. You’d expect nothing less from your doctor, CPA, or attorney. It’s time to hold Realtors® to the same high standards.