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Amy Carpenter

Digital Marketing Leader, Whole Foods Market

“Audrey is just simply fabulous. As a first-time home buyer who was hesitant and a bit overwhelmed with the process, Audrey guided me through everything with professionalism and patience. I was considering homes for resale and also simply mentioned a new community I visited and liked. Without asking she took it upon herself to visit the new community to provide me with more information. I was pretty particular; Audrey quickly grasped my must-haves and was most efficient in providing only recommendations that fit the bill. In viewing properties, she also pointed out some points of potential concern I would have never realized. She was certainly aware of how much an investment this was for me and was relentless in ensuring a long-term value in my decision. I decided on a newly built home. Audrey was extremely responsive and provided just the right amount of aggressiveness with the builder to deliver value for my purchase while also creating a great relationship with the builder. Audrey went out of her way to help me as a new home buyer so far as to assist me in the design center and provide solid guidance on builder costs compared to doing some work myself after closing. Even post-closing, Audrey has helped me with additional questions and is genuinely interested to know that I’m happy with my investment. While I’m extremely happy in my home (not to mention the value has skyrocketed) and don’t plan on moving any time soon, I look forward to working with Audrey again whenever that time should come!”